Hi! We are OKO,
pleased to meet you.

An all-year-around beach restaurant, here to delight you & the whole family.

Gift Cards

It’s possible to purchase gift cards with values 20€ and 50€ that are valid in all of our restaurants.
They are available at our restaurants or ordered via email by writing to us at family@siigur.ee

Oh, and don’t hesitate to step on board straight from the sandy beach, as we’re easy-going as you, and anything but fuzzy.

Forget about fork and knife to enjoy our famous pizzas. Or take your time munching something (and/or everything!) else from the list. After all, we believe in slow fast-food.

And whether you come for refreshment in the middle of a sundrenched day, or some sunset celebration, just sit back and prepare to have fun. After all, our house is your house.

PS. Strictly good vibes only.

Our recipe for slow fast-food is simple. Mix the yumminess of fast-food (we love it too!) with attention, time and care. Season with love.

Yes, good food takes and deserves time, but at ours you spend it on enjoying it. Sharing it. And then some more.

Nutritional facts: fun and wholesome. Recommended daily intake for the whole family: limitless.

Kesk tee 27
Haabneeme alev

Sun — Thu 12.00 — 22.00
Fri — Sat 12.00 — 23.00

Second floor:
Fri from 17.00
Sat – Sun from 12.00

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Telephone: (+372) 53004440
E-mail: oko@okoresto.ee

Gift Cards